What's Happening? Tacoma Wayzgoose! AND...

We have a rusty book artist in the family (you know those classes you take and you fall in love with the subject and know it will always be part of your life, and then WOMP! you wake up a few years later and it's not really part of your life...), so we're pretty excited about the 14th Tacoma Wayzgoose coming up this weekend. The Tacoma Wayzgoose book arts and letterpress festival is hosted by King's Books and Jessica Spring of Springtide Press (beloved teacher of that long-ago book arts class). In the Duggan household, we're fans of Kings and of Jessica, and when we go down the list of other Tacoma artists and presses involved, well, it just stays so good! Read on for highlights and information for your Wayzgoose weekend and 2 other events you don't want to miss...
image from @springtidepress (cover photo taken at Springtide Press studio tour)

"All Around T-Town" Tacoma Wayzgoose 2018
King's Books - 218 S Helens Ave
April 28-29, Saturday & Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm

What is Wayzgoose?

Well, in Tacoma it's a festival weekend of artists keeping the printmaking tradition alive and well in the midst of a digital world. And it's a celebration anybody can join in, no printmaking experience necessary. But what does it mean? Turns out it's a tricky word to tack down. Even the Oxford English Dictionary has trouble with the etymology. It seems to boil down to the tradition of a master printer giving a holiday weekend kind of celebration for the employees. You can read more about it here, including guesses at where this strange word came from. 
image from @pinwheel_press

What You Should Know

  • This is a free event.
  • You can come both days if you want.
  • Different artists will be participating day to day.
  • You get to do stuff! Try printing, bind books, make paper. 
  • Steamroller prints are happening! Big, Huge, Beautiful Prints (Oh, no! Do I sound like someone we all wish we didn't know the sound of? Yikes!).
    image from @wayzgoosekitsap

What You Should Bring

  • Bring a t-shirt or other fabric so you can make a print with the Shroom Brothers!
  • Bring your curiosity and plan to get involved.
  • Bring some $ in case you want to buy a print/wares from a local artist (or a book from King's, of course!).
    image from @shroombrothers

Who You Will See

You might recognize Tacoma favorites like:

Now for Those 2 Other Not-to-Miss Events

Wet Noses Dry Paws 2nd Anniversary Paw-ty 
(It's a Doggie Carnival!)
411 Fawcett Ave
Saturday, April 28
1 - 3 pm

Wet Noses Dry Paws is a doggie daycare/indoor dog park with a fun pack of loyal dog customers who play all week long, as well as drop-ins who wish they played all week long. It's fun for people too. There's a bar, and it's generally a fabulous dog-watching spectacle. It's free entry for the party, so if you have a friendly pup, bring them in. We like following them on Instagram for hilarious and sweet dog images to smile at every day. 
image from @wetnosesdrypaws 

Spring Fling at L'Arche Farm & Gardens
11716 Vickery Ave E
Saturday, April 28
10 am-4 pm

You may know L'Arche from farmers' markets around Tacoma, or maybe you met them at the Field House Flea Market in March. If you know them, then you already love them, if you haven't met L'Arche Tahoma Hope, Spring Fling at the farm in East Tacoma is a perfect introduction. L'Arche Farm & Gardens has been growing since 1982 and now employs 9 people with developmental disabilities, 5 assistants, and is supported by lots of volunteers too. They're raising organic vegetables, lovely flowering baskets, perennials and annuals, making honey, and also producing handmade paper cards and journals. So many beautiful things are in the works in the L'Arche family!
image from @larchefarm 

We hope you'll find your way toward a good weekend in Tacoma with time for one, or two, or even all of these celebrations or art and community!

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