Our process varies depending on if you are interested in buying or selling your home. Below is a quick breakdown of the process for both. 


When working with buyers, we start with a meeting to establish an understanding of the current market and the steps that will be required in the purchase of a home. These talking points include:

  • Establishing financing 
  • Setting search criteria
  • Setting overall goals
  • Discussing timeline
  • Looking at area specific market data (sold/pending/active)
  • Going over what a Purchase and Sale agreement looks like and what it consists of
  • Discussing how to make an offer 
  • Discussing what to expect after an offer is accepted (aka mutual acceptance)
  • Going over the review process including: Inspection, Title, Escrow, Closing, etc....

Once this information is reviewed, we're on to the fun part of looking at homes and finding the one that suits your needs best. 


Working with sellers involves proper valuation and marketing of a home. We try to gain a good understanding of where a house sits in the market and how to market its best qualities. The process starts with a site visit where we go over several things, including:

  • General evaluation of the property
  • Discuss timelines, goals and needs
  • Review a neighborhood market analysis
  • Review marketing tools and past examples
  • Clarify all seller questions

A second visit is scheduled where we: 

  • Review comparable market analysis of similar properties
  • Establish a pricing strategy 
  • Define needed maintenance and repair (if desired)
  • Discuss potential buyer information (loan types etc...)
  • Outline what to expect once the property is on the market (showings etc...)
  • Review and fill out listing and disclosure forms
  • Sign agreement and list your home on the specified date