Tacoma Arts Like Crazy!

Maybe you've been waiting for this week for days and months, wishing for it for years, or maybe it's just landing out of nowhere, you never saw it coming. If you didn't see it coming, now's the time to take a look so you won't miss out. If you love music, visual arts, makers markets, and supporting local writers and literary endeavors, you're probably already smiling, scribbling notes on your calendar, erasing "clean out the closet" and adding "handmade pop-up market/readings" and "show at Alma Mater" while simultaneously calling your favorite people to bring them along. With everything Tacoma has in store this weekend, who could blame you? (P.S. I understand that almost no one reading this is using an actual rubber eraser on an actual paper calendar and actually dialing a friend, letting it ring, and speaking. I get it. But, pardon me while I use my imagination to take me back a decade; it's where my brain still wants to live.)

Maker, Vintage & Fair Trade Pop Up Market AND Book Readings & Signings AND Raffle
Thursday, April 19th: 5 - 8 pm
Union Club, 539 Broadway

As you can see from the long title with so many commas ANDs and &s, there's a lot to this event. First of all, it's Third Thursday. You know about that, right? Free entry to Tacoma museums, like TAM, and the Museum of Glass.

Pop Up Market
On top of the usual Third Thursday possibilities, we have the Maker, Vintage & Fair Trade Pop Up Market hosted by Handmade PNW Events (you may recognize Happy Fox Studio the Tacoma woman and the jewelry behind this organizing force!). So, come to the Union Club to see what our local makers, vintage curators, and fair-trade sources have been up to. I'm always so pleased with the time, thought, creativity, and beauty in the creations at our local markets. But, there's another reason to show up this time!

Book Readings & Signings
Remember the Book Readings & Signings AND Raffle part of this event? This is where the local literary scene comes into play. Creative Colloquy works to support the literary community in Tacoma and the South Sound with monthly readings, special events, and publications as well. They're brining in three authors: DL Fowler, Jennifer Chushcoff, and Christina Butcher for book readings and signings in conjunction with the pop-up market. And Creative Colloquy is all tied up in the raffle. Which finally brings us to...

The Raffle
We've made it to the end of the event title. Purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win items from some of the artists and makers at the pop-up market and from local businesses as well. The cost of your raffle tickets goes straight to Creative Colloquy in support of the Tacoma Historical Youth Writer Competition. They'll use the funds to make swag bags (literary themed, of course!) for the youth participating in the competition. Spend $10 on raffle tickets and get a goodie bag. What?! Basically, it's a win/win raffle experience even if you lose. Images from @creativecolloquy and @happyfoxstudiojewelry.

Homecoming - Week of Arts - Weekend of Music at Alma Mater
Sunday, April 15th - Saturday, April 21st
1322 Fawcett Ave

Homecoming: Group Show, 4/19-4/21. Free and public - that means it's for you! Some installations are already there, ready for you, waiting for you, there, now, as you read. Get a glimpse of the progress. Don't wait for the weekend. You can go to Alma Mater now, and experience collaborative art installations by Tacoma artists. It's public and it's free. So that's pretty nice, and you should enjoy it. You can read about the artists and get a glimpse of what their work is about in this Meet the Artists article. 

Thursday Night Dance Party, 4/19: doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm
SassyBlack & Eddie Bermuda

Friday Night Music, 4/20: doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm
Deep Sea Diver, SISTERS, & Smokey Brights 
We're especially excited about this set as we've known Peter Mansen, the Deep Sea Driver drummer, since we were super skinny kids. Don't miss their show! 

Saturday Night Glam, 4/21: Early Show (all ages), Late Show (21+)
Lucha Volcánicá, Gritty City Sirens, & Filthy FemCorps

The 3 day party at Alma Mater this weekend is all ages until Saturday evening. If you're in for the whole weekend, you might as well get your 3 day pass for all the shows in Fawcett Hall. Otherwise, you can purchase tickets for one event at a time. Check all that out here
Images from @deepseadiver_music and @almamatertacoma

We hope to see you out and about in Tacoma this weekend!

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