Out on the Town: Tacoma Tuesdays 2.0

Times change, and despite the fact that we originally created this Tacoma Tuesday list in January of this year, it’s already in need of an update! One featured business closed, others changed their tune (we understand!), and we see new Tuesday adventures opening their doors to you. So, the tune is, it's Tuesday and despite it all (whatever it may be) you want fun, action, an atmosphere to stimulate your senses, a trivia question to awaken the powers of your mind and memory, cheaper than usual wine, or maybe just a place to drop your kids where they can expend their limitless energy. Visitors, residents, and guests, jokers, entertainers, and geeks, weirdos, class-acts, and those who are just low-key, we have it all here for you, folks; welcome to Tacoma.

For Trivia Geniuses (and those with aspirations)

Presenting (in no particular order) a selection of local watering holes who invite you to join them for an evening of competition, collaboration, community, and most likely some drinks. Enjoy!

Image from    @crowntacoma

Image from @crowntacoma

1. Trivia Night at Crown Bar

2705 6th Ave, 7:30 pm

This town is Tuesday trivia crazy! Pick the one closest to home, the one with the food you can’t resist, or jump around week to week spreading your wild trivia knowledge all over Tacoma. Stick around until 10 pm and you get in on the late night happy hour menu.

2. Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz at The Swiss

1904 S Jefferson, 8-10 pm

Challenge your brain at The Swiss Restaurant & Pub, housed in a historic 1913 building tucked right in with the UW Tacoma campus. It's a great spot and a definite Tacoma fixture. 

3. Taco, Tequila and Trivia Tuesday at The Forum

815 Pacific Avenue, 8:30 pm

Grab a friend and head to The Forum for trivia hosted by Geeks Who Drink, along with $5 "Walking Tacos and Margaritas." 

For Taco Lovers

4. Vegan Taco Day at The Eleven Eleven

1111 S 11th St, 5 pm - 2 am

Taco Tuesday doesn’t get old. That’s why it comes every week. That’s why we eat Tacos on non-alliterative days too. Eleven Eleven steps it up for us by providing tacos for vegans too, double-decker no less (soft taco wrapped around those crispy shells we grew up eating in the 90s, and we’re not sorry about it).

For Kiddos

5. Lego Club at the Wheelock Branch of the Tacoma Public Library

3722 N 26th St, 3-4:30 pm

An hour and a half to create your own kingdom, spacecraft, time-machine, mountain range, or city park. The library provides the Legos, people grades K-teens bring the brains. There’s no need to rsvp, just show up. This is every other Tuesday. Upcoming dates include October 24th, November 6th, and November 20th.

6. Special Needs Play Day at The Children's Museum of Tacoma

1501 Pacific Ave, 10-11:30 am

Get out of the house and into the beautiful Children's Museum downtown with your special needs child for this weekly hour and a half playtime. Admission is "pay as you will."

For Divas, Entertainers, & Wallflowers Waiting to Emerge

Tuesday is a prime night in our city for singing out! Pick your song, brush up on those guitar chords, or get your ground-breaking comedy set ready. We're waiting for you!

Michael heading in to the Antique; it gets pretty full in here!

Michael heading in to the Antique; it gets pretty full in here!

7.  Open Mic at the Antique Sandwich Company

5102 N Pearl, 6-6:30 sign up, 7-10 music

Sign up to sing, or come out to listen at the Antique, a wholesome, homemade, granola, cinnamon roll, quiche kind of spot. You'll find the Antique in the heart of Ruston where they've been doing business since 1973.

8. Open Mic at Metronome Coffee

6th & Union, 6:45 sign up, 7 pm music

Serving Victrola Coffee, Mad Hat tea, and Corina Bakery pastries, this joint likes to keep it local, so bring in your homegrown voice and handmade applause. 

9. Open Mic at North End Social Club

3013 6th Ave C, 8 - 10 pm

How did this happen? Why so many Tuesday open mic nights in the city? Don’t question it, just hear the call. Kim Archer hosts the open mic and your friends can snack on Patty’s Tamales while you serenade them.

10. Karaoke with PJ the DJ at Odd Otter Brewing

716 Pacific Ave, 9 pm - 1 am

If you're gifted, come on out. If you sound a little croaky, pitchy, with a wandering tune, Odd Otter welcomes you too! Drink some craft beer, sing a little song, do a little dance. 

P.S. Odd Otter serves food now! Yep. None other than the newly opened and instantly beloved Wooden City sends their delectable pizza over to Odd Otter. All you have to do is ask (and pay).

11. New Talent Tuesday at Tacoma Comedy Club

933 Market St, 7 pm doors, 8 pm show

New Talent Tuesday lives on, it continues in search of comics unknown, unsung, unheard. If you’re curious, get over there. If you want to stand up, make sure to sign up ahead. Shout out to Tacoma Comedy Club for their no-plastic-straws stance. Go without, bring your own, or purchase a custom comedy club metal straw for $2. The show is free, so you can probably afford it this time.

For Those Who Just Want to Sip & Chill

12. $4 Movie at the Blue Mouse Theatre

2611 N Proctor, 7 pm

Your friendly, historic movie theater beckons with cheap tickets on Tuesdays. Follow the smell of popcorn and the lure of a good story. They're showing Christopher Robin with Ewan McGregor, but that film will change up starting on Thursday, s next Tuesday it could be anything! Go warm up a seat, travel from your chair. 

13. $5 Off Growler Fill at Narrows Brewing

9007 S 19th St, 4 - 8:30 pm

Find yourself on the West Side? Take the hill all the way down to the water and fill your 64 oz growler with any Narrows Brewing beer for $5 off. Then watch the sunset for free. If you’re hungry, bring whatever you want to eat, or just fill your growler, and head for the hills.

14. Half-Priced Bottles of Wine at Pacific Grill

Image from    @PacificGrill

Image from @PacificGrill

1502 Pacific Avenue, 11 am - close

When you picture Tuesday night are you downtown with low lights, a pleasant bustle, attentive table service, and a bottle of wine between you and your companions? Good, take that vision down to the Pacific Grill and you can purchase up to 2 bottles for 50% off. Your server can recommend something from their extensive cellar.

15. Half Off Wine & Sherry at en Rama

1102 A St Suite 220, 4 - 10 pm

Last, but most certainly not least. One of our favorite places in Tacoma to eat, drink, and have a quiet conversation. Every Tuesday en Rama offers half-price wine and - their specialty - sherry. Tuesday is a perfect evening to settle in for picked veggies, a nice beverage, handmade pasta with thoughtfully selected, seasonal sauces, and some of the most delicious dessert in town.


Even Tuesdays can be a good time here in the City of Destiny.

If you're feeling socially ambitious, looking for more to do, or made a personal commitment involving fewer Netflix nights, take a look at our Tacoma blog for events to attend and paths to take through the city we call home. 

See you out there!

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