Celebrate September - 10 Tacoma Events

Fall colors warming up the cooling Tacoma streets.

Fall colors warming up the cooling Tacoma streets.

Some of us greet September with relief, with longing for crisp afternoons, fresh notebooks, flavors of apple, pumpkin, and spice. Some of us meet September with trepidation, with worry about the short days coming, the long nights, the rain, that old impending sense of book reports soon to be due. Either way, it's here. And it will be gone again. But we can discover something new, or meet up again with something old. If you're searching for a new face, a new experience, a new feeling, or just want to join your community, take a look at our list of Tacoma September events. 

1. Park After Dark Golf Glow Party at Meadow Park

Friday, September 7th, 9 - 11 pm
Hosted by MetroParks Tacoma 

Michael golfs here with friends pretty often, and I even walked the course when he wanted to play golf on his birthday a few years ago. Check it out!

  • $40 
  • Meadow Park Golf Course, 7108 Lakewood Drive W, Tacoma
  • Round of 9 holes on the Williams Nine Course
  • LED golf ball and a glow necklace
  • Bucket of balls for the new driving range
  • Two drink tickets 

2. Pooch Pool Party at Stewart Heights 

Saturday, September 8th
10 - 11:30 am, or 12 - 1:30 pm
Hosted by Metro Parks Tacoma

We've taken our dog to this party a couple of times and pretty much can't stop laughing while we're there. It truly is a doggie pool party with 4 foot pool, lazy river, and spray ground all open. The chemicals have been turned off to minimize irritation, and the dogs get to go in before the pool is drained for the season. Social dogs only, please!

  • $12 for 1st dog, $7 for 2nd dog (2 dogs per person limit)
  • Stewart Heights Pool5715 Reginald Gutierrez Ln, Tacoma
  • NOTE: There's also a Dog Gone Run (2 miles) earlier in the morning and those dogs earn the first dip into the pool at 8:45 am. Learn more and sign-up for the Dog Gone Run event here

3. Harvest Home at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum 

Saturday, September 8th, 11 am - 5 pm

  • General Admission: $8-10, Ages 3 and under: Free, Family (Up to 2 adults + 6 youth): $35
  • Fort Nisqually Living History Museum in Point Defiance Park  
  • Live singing and dancing, Victorian games, make cider, create corn husk dolls and weave wheat straw
  • Public jam and jelly competition (judging begins at 2 pm) so bring your best preserves for the chance to win a prize!

4. Pioneer Days Festival in Old Town

Image from Job Carr Cabin Museum

Image from Job Carr Cabin Museum

Saturday, September 8th, 12 - 4 pm
Hosted by the Job Carr Cabin Museum

  • Free Event - "Pay As You Can" Donation
  • Job Carr Cabin Museum, 2350 N 30th St, Tacoma
  • All ages, children, families, everyone is welcome! 
  • Storytelling, crafts, live music, games, and hands-on pioneer demonstrations like panning for gold

5. 6th Annual Downtown to Defiance

Sunday, September 9th, 9 am - 2 pm
Hosted by the City of Tacoma

Walk, run, skate, roll, bike, move however you like without your car (or a motor, you get it)! There are several "official stops" at parks along the way with games, food, and fun all set up for you. 

  • Free
  • Tacoma Waterfront - nearly 7 miles from 21st Street Park to Point Defiance
  • All are welcome. Pre-register if you'd like to be entered to win prizes!

6. Together: Washington Trafficking Prevention's Inaugural Fundraiser

Wednesday, September 12th, 5:30 - 7 pm

You've heard about human trafficking but aren't sure what it is, or maybe what's happening in our own community? Or, you've heard a lot about what's happening, or even have personal experience, but don't know what you can do about it? Come to this event. Learn more about trafficking, and find out how Washington Trafficking Prevention is fighting trafficking and its causes. You can even get involved! If you'd like to learn more now, take a look at our blog article introducing this non-profit and its brave executive director. See you there!

  • $25 online, $30 at the door (either way it includes 2 drink tickets)
  • Bates Technical College - Central Campus, 2320 South 19th Street, Tacoma
  • Interactive displays, success stories, appetizers
  • Opportunity to give and ways to get involved

7. Tacoma Moon Festival at Chinese Reconciliation Park

Image from  Tacoma Moon Festival  

Saturday, September 15th, 1 - 7 pm
Hosted by the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation

  • Free
  • Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park, 1741 N Schuster Pkwy, Tacoma
  • Open to all ages and the whole community!
  • Live music and dance, food vendors, tea tastings, art vendors, beer and wine garden
  • The Moon Festival Princess leads a parade of lanterns at the end of the festival around 6:45 pm, see MainStage schedule here

8. Flavor: Stand Up for Immigrants, Sit Down for a Meal

Image from Tacoma Community House

Image from Tacoma Community House

Thursday, September 20th, 6 am - 12 am
Fundraiser for Tacoma Community House

I'm a Tacoma Community House volunteer and I love the work TCH does (and has been doing for 108 years!) to support and advocate for immigrants and refugees in our community, as well as their work in education and employment. Learn all about Tacoma Community House here!

9. La Paloma Marketplace Pig Roast & Talent Show 

Friday, September 28th, 6 - 9 pm
La Paloma Marketplace Artisan Incubator Fundraiser

You might know La Paloma from the beautiful outdoor markets full of local makers, delicious food vendors, and live music happening all over Tacoma every week. If you don't know the markets and their founder Molly Alvarado yet, it's time to make their acquaintance. Rather than a market, this time it's a fantastic event you'll want to join in if you love live performance, delicious food, and supporting creative small business owners

  • $100 - meal, live show, benefit Tacoma artists and creative small business owners
  • Point Ruston, 5005 Ruston Way, Tacoma
  • Farm to Table Dinner - chefs Jan Parker, Telly of Hellenic Kitchen, and guest chef Joel Milasich
  • Menu: Mesquite smoked whole roasted pork, seasonal salad greens with walnut vinaigrette, roasted fingerling potatoes, acorn squash soup, parker house rolls with smoked salt butter, apple strudel, locally sourced wines and coffee
  • Talent: this will be an eclectic performance, so be prepared for laughter, song, and dance!
  • Bring a date, or bring a friend: Buy tickets here

10. Tacoma Oktoberfest at Dystopian State Brewery

Saturday, September 29th, 2 pm - 11:55 pm

  • Free and Family Friendly
  • Dystopian State Brewing Co., 611 South Baker Street, Tacoma
  • Dystopian State special Oktoberfest brews
  • Hess Bakery Pretzels (while supplies last!) and Sanchez BBQ + Brats at 2 pm, with Lloyds BBQ + Brats at 5 pm - for purchase
  • Live sketch Oktoberfest portraits starting at 5 pm
  • VIP package available (include 1/2 or 1 liter commemorative stein) - find links to VIP package tickets here 
  • Partial proceeds for all sales go to local nonprofits who foster diversity and inclusion
Sneaking in a little more beach time with Dandie before the warm days go.

Sneaking in a little more beach time with Dandie before the warm days go.

Did you see anything that makes you happier about September (whether you're starting from a place of depressed spirits or fall exuberance)?

This list covers a lot, with something for cyclers, golfers, dog lovers, community activists, human rights advocates, old-timey harvest fest enthusiasts, beer drinkers, and anyone ready for a talent show gala on the waterfront. If you're just not sure who you even are, try something, try anything! We'll see you out there. 

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