Hello! I'm Michael Duggan; thanks for stopping by.

I'm a Tacoma Realtor who can’t believe it took me so long to find the perfect job. After years as a musician working in the service industry, touring, playing shows on the side, buying homes and figuring out how to fix them up (with help from dads, professionals, and yes, YouTube), I found that I always had houses on the mind. Not a day went by without browsing real estate listings, market reports, and interest rates. My wife can attest to this! When a friend recommended diving into real estate as a professional, it just fit.

Raised in nearby Port Orchard and Gig Harbor, I've belonged to Tacoma since 2004. I've lived all over the city, in houses shared with guys, to apartments shared with other guys, and finally to significantly cozier places shared with my wife, Gretchen. There’s always a dog at home too. In fact, buying a house flew to the top of our life goals list because it was a good thing for the dog Gretchen wanted to bring home.  

As a Realtor, I value respect, trustworthiness, professionalism, and kindness. Come to think of it, I values those in general. I believe Tacoma is a vibrant community, strong in its diversity, full of fantastic neighborhoods, enlivened by one-of-a-kind small businesses, growing in its recognition of the arts, and brightened by the beauty of our wonderful Puget Sound. Need help finding home here? I'm ready to partner with you along the way.

Want to know more? Here’s what Michael's clients say:

Michael is the best! He consistently went above and beyond our expectations of an agent. Truly, we would not have our new home were it not for Michael. The whole process was unconventional and required an agent with great patience and interpersonal skill. Michael showed both in great quantities and as a result we purchased the right home for for our family, in the right neighborhood, at a price that was fair. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for the perfect home in Pierce County!
— Nathan H.
Michael Duggan displays the highest level of honesty and integrity.
— Roger B.
Michael was a huge help to me and my husband when it came time to sell our Tacoma home. We feel so lucky to have found a real estate agent who is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also trustworthy, resourceful, responsive, great to work with, and just overall a really good guy. He helped make what seemed like an overwhelming process feel manageable, and worked super hard to make sure we had the best possible outcome. Definitely highly recommended!
— Jeanie
As a former Real Estate Agent and a marketing professional, I can tell you I am glad we made the right decision to work with Michael to sell my mother’s townhome. I had MANY great agents to choose from that I personally know and follow online that I could have introduced to my Mom. Michael’s marketing really stood out. It was fresh, clean and told a story about the home he was listing and the surrounding community. He brought the same marketing to my mother’s property and got her top dollar for the property. Michael was easy to communicate with via phone, text & email. He was open to suggestion on the marketing pieces. Michael and his wife got their hands dirty to help get the home ready for the market. He had the right contacts to get the house in tip top shape (staging, cleaning, painting, window-pane replacement, etc).

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Duggan to be your next real estate agent if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Tacoma, WA.
— Jacob R.
What I appreciated most while working with Michael is how he made the process all about us. That should sound obvious, but we all know not to take it for granted. He was patient with us as first-time home buyers and quick to move forward when we were ready. Michael helped significantly when it came time to negotiate with the seller’s agent...I recommend Michael Duggan without hesitation.
— Nels F.
Wow! Moving across the state to start a new career on the west side was sooo much easier thanks to Michael. He is hands down the best agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He was quick to respond to questions and issues with accurate information. I felt like I was always the priority. My purchase got a bit complicated and he was able to help smooth out a number of items quickly and helped me off the ledge a few times! All in all - he is amazing and does not have an ounce of creepy used car salesman vibes about him. I mean, if you are into the slick talking type that gives you the chills, that’s on you, but not anything I like to work with! It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with such a professional. You can’t find better!
— Cecily H.
Michael Duggan at Windermere Abode is an excellent real estate agent. He promptly responded to all my messages, and diligently followed through on all plans. His local knowledge of the Tacoma area was crucial to my final selection, and I am extremely happy with the house I was able to get with his help. Perhaps most importantly, Michael always had time for me. From the first contact with him I felt treated as a human being more than just a business partner. In the short time I worked with him I came to trust him considerably. I would recommend Michael to any of my friends.
— Jeffrey U.
Working with him was wonderful. Our home purchase was somewhat complicated and he offered great information, was available when we had questions or concerns, was supportive and appropriately humorous when we needed that, too. He  truly went above and beyond to make sure we closed on our house. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.
— Heidi T.
After working with Michael to purchase a home, I just worked with him to sell a property. He was great on the buying side, but his true magic is as a selling agent. He was there every step of the way - from the logistics to the little things. He changed light bulbs, mowed the tiny lawn, and kept on all of the many contractors. I never felt like I had to worry about anything. And my house sold quickly for more than I originally thought it would. Could not be happier!
— Whitney S.